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Bring in an item you no longer want or need...


Trade: Welcome

Do you have an item(s) that no longer brings you joy? Bring them into

our shop and one of our expert team members will your you a great offer!


  • Gold and Jewelry

  • Firearms and Ammo

  • Silver, Coins and Bullion

  • Luxury Bags

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Trade: Text

How Trade Works

Trade: Text

Step 1
Have your items assessed

MTC has a team of experts that will evaluate the value of any item. Bring your item to the store, and we will apprise them and provide you with a fair offer. You have the option to take the cash or exchange it for an item in our store.

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Step 2
Choose what you want from your inventory

At our shop, we have a wide selection of items that constantly changes! We are sure you will find something that you like.

If you see something with a higher price than your item's trade value, simply pay the remaining amount with cash or trade more items.

luxury handbags louis vuitton

Step 3
Take your new item home!

Once the trade transaction is done, you walk away with your item while MTC takes your trade-item off your hands!

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Trade: Our Products
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Contact us  today for any questions on trading

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